Everflowing is an educational outreach program founded by Irene Smith. Born out of Irene’s four decades of service through touch at the bedside of the dying, the mission of Everflowing is to teach mindful touching and the practice of therapeutic presence as opportunities to recognize and express tenderness in caregiving to others and to oneself.

When faced with the physical and emotional overload of caring for others, Everflowing teachings assist healthcare providers in retaining their humanness by giving permission for a mutually supportive and nurturing environment.

Everflowing programs are designed to serve the caregiver and bodywork communities. We encourage professional, volunteer and family participation in our programs.

We also provide a wide range of educational resources for organizational and private use.

We present three distinct levels of interaction

Our Caregiver training offers specific practices that may be easily integrated into daily nursing care. These skills are presented in two formats; Touch Awareness® in Caregiving and The Therapeutic Application of lotion.


Our Massage training combines hospice protocols, practitioner body mechanics, therapeutic presence and Everflowing touch techniques into massage sessions for dying persons presented in a 12-hour format.


Self Touch strategies can be grounding, centering and nurturing during these unfamiliar times and loss of one’s usual comforting strategies, due to the onset of Covid-19 This loss may lead to depression, fatigue and or anxiety. Mindful Touching as a self-comforting tool can help to ease these symptoms, is easily integrated into any daily routine and requires no previous touch training.


Current Programs and Schedule:

Due to Covid-19 we are in the process of recreating our programs to meet the demand in our current virtual world. All Everflowing programs will be online. We are developing a new website that will be ready sometime in July. We will also have a better idea of what touch protocols will be for touch in health care as well as in the massage community by mid summer. There are many unknowns at the present time.

Until then please go to the Free online events link to register for trainings. Everything we offer will be listed there. We apologize to our community and ask that you keep checking in, or subscribe to our newsletter to hear about events as they are scheduled.


NCBTMB Approved: Irene Smith is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #1167.


Irene and Evee Mills, Zen Hospice Project, 2010, Photo by Alan Waugh.


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