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Massage Therapy’s Role in the Growing Hospice Movement

How to Be Receptive to the Physical & Emotional Challenges of Hospice

Advocate For Yourself in the Health Care Environment


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EmotionalImpactarticleEmotional Impact of Working With the Dying
An Everflowing Handbook by Irene Smith

The Emotional Impact of Working with the Dying, Published by Massage Magazine May/ June 2003, Titled as "A Call of The Heart."




massageforillarticleMassage for the Ill In A Home Setting
by Irene Smith

Massage for the Ill in a Home Setting, Published by Massage and Bodywork Magazine Feb/ March 2001.





mindfultouchMindful Touching as a Means of Comfort
by Irene Smith

Mindful touching as a means of comfort, Published in The Hospice Volunteer News e-magazine by The Hospice Volunteer Association, Spring 2008.




BenefitsthmbWhat Are the Benefits of Hospice Massage?

Irene Smith Responds Massage Magazine April, 2014




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