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The Comfort of Hospice Massage at Life’s End
Published in Next Avenue online news by Bill Ward

Massage Therapy’s Role in the Growing Hospice Movement

How to Be Receptive to the Physical & Emotional Challenges of Hospice

Advocate For Yourself in the Health Care Environment


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"Growing Pains"
Published in Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April-2018

"Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying"
An Everflowing Handbook by Irene Smith

The Emotional Impact of Working with the Dying, Published by Massage Magazine May/ June 2003, Titled as "A Call of The Heart."

"Massage for the Ill In A Home Setting"
by Irene Smith

Massage for the Ill in a Home Setting, Published by Massage and Bodywork Magazine Feb/ March 2001.

"Mindful Touching as a Means of Comfort"
by Irene Smith

Mindful Touching as a means of comfort, Published in The Hospice Volunteer News e-magazine by The Hospice Volunteer Association, Spring 2008.

"What Are the Benefits of Hospice Massage?"

Irene Smith Responds Massage Magazine April, 2014

"Standard Precautions and Guidelines for Hands On Care"

"Sharing Circle Guidelines"

"Hospice Care Model Handouts for Course Additions"

"Death Awareness Form"