Everflowing resources may be used in a variety of programs. They are currently being used in programs specifically concerning massage of dying persons, pathology courses, and hospice trainings. As educational tools the broader aspect of the reflective nature of these resources requires attention. Guidelines for viewing and debriefing have been developed to assist the educator in creating a sensitive and safe environment because these materials elicit reflection of personal experiences from the participants. These guidelines will be included in your purchased resource.




Resources and Options for Use

Providing Massage In Hospice Care – Printed Manual

This manual is an excellent resource by itself as an outline of hospice massage for massage school courses and for hospice organizations as training for massage therapists. The fee listed does not include copying this manual or any portion of this manual. If your organization or school wants to provide this manual for each attendee, a digital copy for printing may be purchased from Everflowing for an additional fee (contact Eveflowing). Hard copies may also be purchased from Everflowing at $25.00 each plus S & H.

Everflowing Printed Material

providemassage2Providing Massage in Hospice Care: An Everflowing Resource; 88 pages, $165, includes S&H in USA. This manual represents 21 years of experience in developing protocols, skills and coping strategies for facilitating body work with dying persons. “I have assembled the information in this manual in hopes that interest in this field will be nurtured and supported in the healthiest way possible.”

Manual includes: An Introduction to the Business of Dying; Potential Outcomes for the Use of Touch in Palliative Care; Precautions and Guidelines; Quality Assurance; The 5 Layers of Skill for Creating a Safe Container for the Touch Relationship; Everflowing Touch Techniques and Body Mechanics; Side Positioning of the Client; Working in a Client’s Home; and The Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying; and Resources Guide.

This resource is the training materials for “Everflowing Massage Program Manual for Hospice Home Care” listed below Click to see Training Schedule.

"Providing Massage in Hospice Care is an invaluable tool and truly a great gift to the Hospice and Massage Communities and to anyone caring for individuals approaching the transition we call death." — Dawn Nelson, author, From the Heart Through the Hands: The Power of Touch in Caregiving

"Thank you so much for writing Providing Massage in Hospice Care, and for sharing so much of your heart in it. I wept through Chapter 8 because I realized how alone I have been feeling in this work, and now I feel from across the many miles your caring camaraderie. Thank you for being a fellow sojourner and kindred spirit." — Cindy, Hospice Massage Professional and Reiki practitioner

“The Providing Massage In Hospice Care” Manual may be used as a class room resource by itself or in combination with Everflowing DVD’s.

“Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying” and DVD 1 and DVD 2

The most important component to these materials is creating an emotionally safe environment for their review. This may be accomplished through the guidelines for preparation, debriefing, and re-entry mailed to you upon purchase of your resource.


Public Presentation and Technique Demonstration, $80 for each disc or $150 for both discs, includes S&H in USA for the set of 2 discs. Click this button to pay for both discs.

DVD 1, Introduction to Hospice Massage: One and a half hour presentation representing Irene’s thirty plus years of experience as a massage therapist in hospice care. The presentation includes lecture, case studies, personal sharing, and audience Q and A. $80

DVD 2, Demonstration: One hour demonstration of propping and positioning and two Everflowing massage techniques appropriate for hospice clients. $80

DVD 1 and DVD 2 may be used alone as an excellent overview of the hospice massage field. A 3.5 hour time period is suggested. This time period allows for 30 minutes of Q & A after each DVD.

“An Introduction to Hospice Massage” DVD1

Option 1: DVD 1 may be used alone in a 2 hour time period, which allows for 30 minutes of Q & A.

Option 2: DVD 1 may also be used with “The Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying” DVD in a 3 hour time period.

Option 3: DVD's 1 & 2 may be used in combination with the printed Providing Massage in Hospice Care manual.

DVD Part 1: “An Introduction to Hospice Massage” and Part 2: “Positioning and Technique Demonstration”.

emotionalimpactEmotional Impact of Working with the Dying ; DVD for $165, includes S&H in USA

This ground breaking video presentation allows you to participate directly in a discussion of this vitally important, but rarely addressed topic. Internationally acclaimed author and educator Irene Smith delivers her experience with unprecedented clarity, understanding and compassion. Whether to prepare yourself personally or as a basis for group exploration, this video presentation contributes a depth of wisdom and education that supports anyone working with the seriously ill or the dying.

"The Emotional Impact of Working with the Dying has timeless lessons for bodyworkers who work with the ill or the dying. In this video Irene Smith speaks to aspects of the practitioners' experience that are rarely addressed. I can hardly wait to share it with my students."— Gayle Mc Donald, author of Medicine Hands Massage for People with Cancer

"I am filled with gratitude for you and Chuck Buck for your narrated slideshow/DVD.

I just presented it in class this morning and it facilitated some very important reflection and also allowed feelings to surface that might not have done so without a very visual, tangible image and story.

I felt moved to light a candle for Chuck – it’s the first time I have done that. As I watch him and you again and again with different groups of students, I find it touches me more and more deeply. I thought that I might get desensitized, but actually the opposite is true." — Julie McGuinness, Instructor, National Holistic Institute, San Francisco Campus

Option 1: The Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying DVD may be used as a resource by itself in congunction with the guidelines for viewing, de-briefing, and re-entry as provided in your purchased resource.

Option 2: The Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying DVD may be used with the printed manual as explained in your guidelines upon purchase.

Option 3: The Emotional Impact of Working With the Dying DVD may be used in congunction DVD 1 as explained in your guidelines upon purchase.

Full Program Option $500: All three DVD’s and the “Providing Massage in Hospice Care” manual create an excellent course in hospice massage. As a full program option, a live webinar with Irene Smith is included for the Q & A segment after DVD’s 1 and 2 have been viewed.

Live webinars up to an hour in length may be scheduled with Irene Smith to maximize the learning experience when using Everflowing resources in the classroom.

These are well thought out combinations of these course materials for class purpose. We appreciate your cooperation in following these suggestions and also the viewing, de-briefing and re-entry instructions included in your purchased resource.


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An Introduction to Hospice Massage at World Massage Festival; Conference Table.