For: Professional and Family Care Providers/Doulas/Volunteers

The Need

While faced with the physical and emotional overload in caring for dying persons, healthcare providers often experience compassion fatigue and overwhelm. Everflowing teachings assist healthcare providers in retaining their humanness by giving permission for a mutually supportive and nurturing environment.

Touch is the most prominent language in the caregiving relationship. Every act of caregiving involves touch. Through mindful touching and the development of therapeutic presence, the opportunity to recognize and express tenderness is created. This returns caregiving to a relationship of respect and dignity for both persons involved.

Everflowing training will enhance the comfort and the overall effectiveness of your current healthcare practice while returning the contact that you deserve to stay nurtured and energized in your chosen field. Click here for article – Mindful Touching as a Means of Comfort.

Objectives: Upon completing this course participants will be able to:

• Define the dimensions of touch in daily caregiving.

Demonstrate knowledge of therapeutic presence

• Implement coping strategies to enhance the physical and emotional well-being for the healthcare provider

• Identify issues regarding intimacy and clarification of roles

• Demonstrate a more skillful approach to persons who are fragile, anxious and/or confused

• Provide a laying-on of hands session for relaxation and comfort for the patient


1-Day Class Content, 10AM-5PM

Through lecture, discussion and personal reflection in both group and dyad exercises, participants will have the opportunity to recognize, share and evaluate personal feelings, attitudes and protocols concerning the use of touch in the caregiving relationship.

We will define the touch relationship in experiential exercises that focus on the non-tactile contact with others including eye contact, voice tone and cadence, breathing patterns, and the awareness of one’s own body language.

The tactile addition of the touch relationship will be structured into a laying-on of hands demonstration and supervised practice with participants working with each other.

The day will end with personal sharing, questions and a healing circle.

1.5 and 3 hour Inservices and Webinars for organizational staff and volunteers are available.


Who Should Attend

Physicians, nurses, CNA’s, physical therapists, massage therapists, doulas, volunteers, and family caregivers will all benefit from this program.


Family Caregivers

Everflowing Touch Awareness® will provide you with skills that ease the helplessness. When there is no cure, Everflowing will give you skills, techniques, and personal practices to help you and your loved one stay connected in hope. Not hope for cure, but the hope that is reflected in being able to provide comfort.

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Touching Moments


Touch Awareness® Teacher's Training Program 2020 TBA.

"Touch is the integral thread that weaves the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of care together to create the essence of comfort care." — Irene Smith

“In my work as a medical/surgical registered nurse, I often only have one brief encounter with a client. Everflowing has allowed me to give these clients a simple yet effective expression of concern that lets them experience the care that surrounds them.” — Raymond Sigrist, R.N., Hospice Volunteer

“Training staff members in touch skills may enrich our whole facility atmosphere with greater sensitivity, more and better means of communication, and a greater appreciation for the meaning of the work we are already doing.” — Rick Isaacs, Administrative Director, Grove Extended Care Facility

Hospice Caregiver Touch Training