We offer two massage programs.

Massage therapists, professional health care providers, death doulas and somatic practitioners will gain insight and knowledge in this program.


An Introduction to Massage in Hospice Care 2-Day Program

This introductory 2-day classroom-training program is designed to provide techniques, skills and personal practices for adapting touch and massage to specialized settings for clients who are dying. These skills and practices will give the practitioner a greater understanding of hospice care, assist with networking as part of a team, gather information for treatment assessment, give a foundational model for achieving physical comfort at the bedside and process the emotional impact of the work. This class will also provide the practitioner with a physical approach to clients in pain that will enhance other care modalities. Approach skills learned in this program may be incorporated into daily nursing care as well as be structured into most bodywork modalities. Click for a full description and to register.


Providing Massage in Hospice Care 5-Day intensive

Providing Massage in Hospice Care consists of 33 hours including 22 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of clinical practice and is presented in 4 modules. The successful completion of all 4 modules is recognized with an Everflowing Practitioner’s Certificate.

The first three modules are conducted in a classroom setting and the clinical practice module is conducted on site in a hospice in-patient care facility. Click for a full description and to register.