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Heart in Hands Aug 13 2020

In this live online session, participants will experience the hand-heart connection through guided meditation and effective self- comforting touch techniques with the intention of returning compassion and tenderness to oneself.


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Sitting with the Dying: Rituals and Resources
at the San Francisco Public Library

Recorded 9 July 2019. at the San Francisco Public Library. "How do you sit with a family member or friend who is dying? What can you say or do for them? How do you let them know you care? Our experts share their insights, experiences and lessons learned from working and being with people who are in the process of dying." Speakers: Judith Redwing Keyssar, RN, Palliative Care Clinician, author, Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying; Irene Smith, founder, Everflowing: Healing touch for the dying; Marshall White, Hospice by the Bay; Elizabeth Wong, Doulagivers of the San Francisco Bay Area; and Lori Goldwyn, East Bay End of Life Doula Network.


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Donation Based Webinar

2017 Touching Moments – 1-hour dialogue with Irene Smith reading authentic reports of working with dying patients.

2018 Touching Moments on October 9th



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The Language of Touch
an experiential exercise in an Everflowing hospice caregivers training



Back to Basics



Centering and Grounding

Centering means returning to the core or center of one’s existence. The physical part of the body universally accepted as a focus for the practice of centering is the belly. The breath is considered the core of existence. Bringing attention to the breath in the belly is a universal way to center one’s self.



Hand Washing Demonstration

Thorough hand washing is the primary precaution for minimizing the risk of spreading communicable disease. It takes about one and a half to three minutes.

The hand wash protocol shown below in the video is for practitioners working in Hospice Care and going into homes and other residential sites. The hand wash procedure is applicable to all beings in all situations and very important as we move through this unknown time of Covid-19.





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Deepening Client Relationships With Touch

The following audio was recorded during a teaching for the Metta Institute during their End Of Life Care Practitioner Program. The topic was establishing relationship through touch. The participants sharing and the exercises have been edited out. The Frank I am referring to in my dialogue is Frank Ostaseski, the founder and director of the Metta Institute.


Everflowing – A Practice in Witnessing

The following information was recorded during a Providing Massage in Hospice Care course in 2012. This information is the foundation for the Everflowing philosophy and the principals of technique delivery.



Massage Modification

The following information was recorded in a Providing Massage in Hospice Care course in 2012. This information has been called Smith's Modification Model. It gives the principals of, and implementation guidelines, for modifying massage techniques with clients who are seriously symptomatic and/or at the end of life.



The Role of Massage In Hospice Care

The following information was recorded in a Providing Massage In Hospice Care course in 2012. Irene Smith talks about how she sees the role of the massage therapist beyond massaging the client.



Personal Touch Meditations

Putting On The Body

A Touch Positive Exercise for Developing A Relationship With Your Body



Below is a visualization to be used whenever you feel you need to be grounded. Click the link below to go to the audio.

Grounding Visualization

Grounding is the awareness that we are still in a physical body and connected to the earth.

Being grounded provides us with a stabilizing floor. It brings life into matter, increases balance and stability in our physical and emotional state and brings strength. It also helps in creating a bridge between spirit and matter and keeps us present to the moment.