Module1 – Integrating Massage Into Hospice Care

For: Massage and Health Care Professionals

Learning Objectives: Upon completing this module students will be able to:

• Describe the history and philosophy of hospice care

• Describe the role of massage in hospice care

• Identify 4 benefits of Everflowing touch and massage in care for the dying

• Define Standard Precautions for hands on care

• Demonstrate thorough Hand Washing

• Demonstrate 3 massage modifications to work with the physical and/ or emotional vulnerability of a  hospice client

• Implement self-care for the practitioner while in session; demonstrate 3 comfort strategies for the physical well-being of the client


Teaching Methods

The structure of this module includes guest lecturer, discussion, question and answer periods, charts, visuals, group sharing, demonstration, supervised hands-on practice, one-on-one feedback and group debriefing.



This day begins with a grounding meditation, an overview of the day, guidelines for creating emotional safety in a group, and an introduction from the Everflowing supervisor and participants.

The lecture and discussion format begins with an overview of hospice care and the role of massage in hospice care, including how to work effectively with other team members, inviting participants to ask questions and share personal experiences.

The information on the massage session begins with learning how to create a safe container for the touch relationship. Standard precautions for hands-on care are discussed, and thorough hand washing and use of the equipment is demonstrated.

Massage modification for working safely with dying persons is discussed with the use of charts and the Everflowing supervisor’s personal experience.

A demonstration of pillow positions and comfort strategies, through the use of props, is provided for a client positioned on their side. Supervised hands-on practice follows with debriefing and a question and answer period.

Closure is brought to the day with a meditation.

This module constitutes 6.5 hours.

NCBTMB Approved: Irene Smith is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #1167.

The completion of module 1, provides for 6 CE hours.


Provider Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing; Provider No. 13446.


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“As a massage therapist with a primarily geriatric/hospice clientele, I often felt sore, tired and emotionally depleted. Irene’s classes provided me with tools, techniques, skills and personal practices which I use to continually enhance my comfort at the bedside, and to revitalize my physical energy.” — Maureen M. Trilsch, C.M.T., Hospice Practitioner


Grounding Circle - Ana Lyon, Kathleen Phalen, Irene Smith, Bodhi Wright, and Cari Leversee

Possitioning demonstration; Irene Smith seated, Patricia Stone on the table, Allan Nett standing