Prerequisite for Everflowing Clinical

For: Persons with Everflowing modules 1 and 2, professional bodyworkers with hospice experience, and hospice care providers

Learning Objectives: Upon completing this module students will be able to:

• Demonstrate the ability to access personal process; translate it into a tangible form and integrate it into learning

• Demonstrate the ability to stay present to the moment and the environment while in personal process

• Identify unresolved feelings of grief and loss

• Identify personal beliefs, experiences and fears relating to death and the dying process

• Demonstrate the ability to be non-judgmental in the process of emotional expression and to work with personal process within a team setting.

• Understand, explain and demonstrate examples of the emotional intelligence required to work with dying persons


Teaching Methods

Teaching methods utilized in this module include guest lecturer, story telling, meditation, group sharing, discussion, written work, personal reflection, ceremony, altar building and grounding exercises.



Participants come into this day with a written summary of their own personal death awareness, a personal ritual they have created to let go of an identified piece of unfinished business, and an object to lay on the classroom altar symbolizing something or someone they want to honor.

The day begins with a circle meditation, participant check-in and the participants placing what they have brought for the altar.

A guest lecturer will share experience on the topic of grief and the process of grieviing.

The Everflowing supervisor and a guest lecturer will facilitate a dialogue on grief and the grieving process, and share personal experiences of being with dying persons.

Participants will then gather in small groups with their Personal Death Awareness forms. Each person has uninterrupted time to share about their process with the form. This is followed by a group discussion.

Participants go to a safe place in the classroom and work with their unfinished business through personal ceremony. There is time for group sharing followed by a discussion of strategies for coping with the emotional impact of working with the dying.

The day ends with a circle meditation and reentry guideline.

This module constitutes 6 hours.

NCBTMB Approved: Irene Smith is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #1167.

The completion of module 3 provides for 6 CE hours.


Provider Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing; Provider No. 13446.


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My house is a temple because you have walked through it.
My heart is wide because you have loved me
My face is unfurled because I can see you

My eyes are lowered because your light is so bright
And candles burn as only dim reflections of your spirit

Rose petals drift to the floor in honor of your passing
and the scent of rosemary drifts through the air

Our lifetimes together become clear
As our need for mercy unfolds.

This can not be buried
This transcends all reason
There is no way out of this awakening!!

Ritual 1999, a poem by Irene Smith

Altar in Everflowing classroom, Photo by
Janice Risard.