Prerequisite: Providing Massage in Hospice Care modules 1, 2, 3, massage certificate and liability coverage

Lerning Objectives: Upon completing this module students will be able to;

Day 1 (consists of 2 classroom hours and 5 clinic hours) - 7 hours

• Demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively as part of a healthcare team

• Demonstrate knowledge of intake procedures from written and verbal sources

• Identify and explain the role of a massage practitioner in facility care

• Describe and demonstrate the use of 4 assessment tools to use with individuals experiencing a wide range of physical and/or psychological symptoms

• Demonstrate 3 comfort strategies for a client in a bed or in a chair

• Demonstrate skills learned from observation of other team members


Day 2 (consists of 2 classroom hours and 5 clinic hours) - 7 hours

• Demonstrate massage adaptations for various stages of illness

• Demonstrate flexibility and creativity in assessing props needed for a massage session

• Demonstrate the ability to gather information non- verbally through an understanding of the client’s body language

• Implement self-care for the practitioner while in session

• Prepare written and verbal reports of client sessions

• Understand and describe confidentiality guidelines on and off site

• Demonstrate nonverbal support, through deeply listening to other team members


Teaching Methods

The teaching methods utilized in module 4 are observation, interacting with hospice clinical staff and volunteers, demonstrations, hands-on practice with personal feedback and supervision, group debriefing, and written reporting.



Everflowing clinical practice sessions begin with an overview of the protocols of the facility and a review of hands-on precautions, confidentiality guidelines and questions from the interns.

Both days begin with an overview of the physical space.

The hosting site gives a list of residents and verbal recommendations. This is followed by the Everflowing supervisor and interns reading more information in logs. Information is also gathered from various staff and volunteers throughout the day.

After information is gathered, the Everflowing supervisor takes one intern at a time into the room with a hospice resident. The supervisor talks to the resident, gathers more information, gives the intern suggestions on how to meet the resident’s needs, demonstrates adjusting the equipment and gives suggestions and demonstrates positions for the intern to facilitate his or her comfort at the bedside. When the intern feels confident, the Everflowing supervisor leaves the room.

The intern is periodically observed by the supervisor throughout the session. They return to assist in closure of the session. This is followed with one-on-one feedback, debriefing and written reporting. The intern takes a short break before meeting the next resident.

The intention of a clinical day is for each intern to provide touch sessions for three residents, depending upon the need of the residents and the limitations of the intern.

There is no guarantee as to the number of clients appropriate for sessions on clinical days. The settings themselves however, are rich containers of education and therefore, the learning process is not limited to hands-on sessions.

Debriefing at the end of the day is facilitated by the Everflowing supervisor before leaving the facility.

This module constitutes 14 hours.

Liability coverage is a must for Module 4.

NCBTMB Approved: Irene Smith is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #1167.

The completion of module 4 provides for 14 CE hours.


Provider Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing; Provider No. 13446.


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Thank you so much for coming to our unit over the weekend and providing such a wonderful service for our residents! Your reports were very helpful and insightful! We will definitely share the feedback with the rest of the team! Our residents were so pleased and still talking about your care this week! — Nurse Manager of Clinical Practice site

"During the Everflowing 2-day massage clinical that you provide in our six week level 2 program, I see students face fear and resolve conflict. I believe what you offer is the ability to hold silence while students struggle with their judgement of self and others In addition to a safe place you offer stability and growth in what for most is an unfamiliar setting. Evaluations and journals relating to your portion of the training indicate a very high respect for you and and your work." — Jim Butcher, Owner , Director Phillips Massage School Nevada City California


Everflowing Clinical Interns Onsite.

"During clinical internship Irene is very focused, offers good support while demanding the best from the students. It would be a blessing for medical students to have Irene as the teacher of the hands-on care for the old, fragile and dying. I feel fortunate for having received my training from Irene." — Wieslaw Rocki, MD, PhD


Clinical Reporting