Touch is the most prominent language in the caregiving relationship. Everflowing programs are designed to bring mindfulness to the act of touching as arises in the process of daily caregiving, and to present specific structures for the delivery of massage at the bedside of the dying.

We offer several primary programs and special community events to meet our intention. Touch Awareness® in Caregiving is a one-day program for hospice care providers to assist the caregiver in bringing mindfulness to the touch relationship in daily caregiving.

Touching Moments is a 1-day program integrating Touch Awareness® information and skills with the comfort strategies of propping a dying person with pillows to ease pain and stress, and applying lotion to the body in a therapeutic manner for relaxation, nurturing, and skin lubrication.

An Introduction to Massage in Hospice Care is a 2-day program for massage therapists, death doulas, health care professionals with massage experience and somatic practitioners.

Providing Massage in Hospice Care is for body workers and healthcare providers who want to learn how to provide massage at the bedside in a form that supports the vulnerability of both persons in the touch relationship.

Our founder, Irene Smith, is available to create and facilitate customized in-service training to hospice organizations and massage schools throughout California.

“Irene taught me that simply speaking softly to my mother and holding her hand or rubbing her feet is welcome and enough. Even though my mother no longer knows me as her daughter, she knows on some level that I am a welcomed presence.” — Gail Schweitzer, A Client’s Daughter